Grain cleaning equipment

Grain cleaning equipment

Machine for pre-cleaning grain

Alpha 60-400

Machine for pre-cleaning grain is set in bucket elevators, conveyors, dryers and other mechanisms through which the stream of grain that gives the ability to clean grain or other products from the lungs of impurities, weed seeds, dust. The incoming grain is distributed through perforated device with transverse cracks (sieve), the air passing through the sieve, pull the impurities and removes it through the cyclone into the hopper for disposal. The adjustable airflow is made to prevent loss of grain.

Clearing is one of the most important stages of processing of grain crops. Grain cleaning from impurities is a time-consuming process, which, as a rule, is carried out in several stages:

  • Pretreatment
  • Primary treatment
  • Secondary and seed cleaning

Machine primary grain cleaning

    Machine primary grain cleaning designed to clear the heap of grain, leguminous, cereals and oilseeds with bringing them to food conditions. The machine perfectly fits with the technological lines of processing industries, mills, grain reception centers and elevators. Our equipment differs high reliability and quality workmanship, designed and elaborated technological scheme, simplicity of operation. Double aspirinova materials (output and input), the developed part of the sieve provide superior technical characteristics. You can create your grain complex.

Machine secondary treatment of grain

Machine secondary treatment of grain are designed to separate from the wheat of impurities, differing from it by the width, thickness and aerodynamic properties. Separators of this type of mill, for secondary, final cleaning of the grain is established and operated in samopodgotovka departments of the mills. Machine secondary treatment of seeds is used for cleaning of cereals, legumes, technical, oilseeds, grass seeds.

Tables pneumatic grading

When cleaning the universal cleaning machines, and gravity separator blocks we can achieve the seed purity of up to 99.5%. But the seeds can be difficultly separable impurities having the same size with the main grain that cannot be selected with the lattice. Tables pnevmosortirovalnyh designed for removal of difficultly separable impurities different from the main crop weight, shape and surface properties. Used for cleaning, grading seed grain, legumes, perennial grasses and other crops to bring them up to high standards of quality; are intended for selection of seeds by specific gravity, sail and wybrakowany  immature grain, with the embryo destroyed. Pneumatic table can be supplied as in-line or as a separate machine. Machine installation is simple, requiring only one power cable for the built-in remote control. All internal consumers of power are pre-mounted and drive the combine sieves, fan drive, starter motors, fuses and cables for panel external control pneumostome.

Photoseparator (digital sorters)


The principle of operation:
The product is fed through hopper at the top of the machine on the vibrating tray is supported by the vibrator. So the product disperses in a single layer on distribution tray (smooth or corrugated).

Thanks to a properly selected length and angle distribution tray, and also its correct shape and special processing, it becomes possible to increase the speed of movement of the granules and the distance between them, when they fall under gravity, allowing, eventually, to track each pellet separately.

The image is converted to an electronic signal, which varies depending on the color, and is processed electronically controlled in accordance with the preset parameters. Thanks to the signal indicating defective "pellet", ejector with maximum accuracy blows away (shoots) air flow defective "granule" that is, changing the trajectory falls into the hopper of the defective product. So, during the treatment the mass of the mixed product (initial heap) is divided into two groups: non-defective product and waste (pollutants).


  • CCD camera use 2048-pixel high sensitivity allows to achieve maximum resolution and processing speed;
  • image processing and the possibility of selection depending on the intensity of the color or on the basis of the defect (the ability to determine the size of the spot that you want to sort);
  • selekcioniruut rice color coated simultaneously with rice;
  • automatic tuning system which allows you to balance and manage all of the cameras CCD to ensure uniform operation of all of the ejectors without the need for the intervention of experienced staff;
  • self-diagnostic system that identifies all possible malfunctions (air, vibrators, electric.Board, light, has all the reasons that can result in a bad selection);
  • the ability to store up to 100 programs and automatically switch from one product to another;
  • automatic system for the filter change is done in seconds by the machine when you switch to another program;
  • dust extraction from the zone of vision reduces cleaning frequency, improves the performance;
  • the use of long-life ejectors;
  • a choice of 5 models gives you the ability to customize and configure the separator in accordance with the type of selected product (rice, wheat, coffee, nuts, vegetables, plastic, etc.);
  • in each model there is a possibility of the control passage;
  • touch screen, color of the liquid crystals;
  • the ability to connect to PLC;
  • system for remote diagnosis and control via Internet or GSM modem.

Sorting (selection by color):

  • MONOСROMATICA (Monochromatic): to select light or dark defects;
  • MONOСROMATICA DOUBLE (double monochromatic): to select light and dark defects simultaneously.
  • BICROMATICA (bichromatic): to select different colors of this product defects through the use of two different wavelengths.

Sorting using infrared rays

Using cameras with infrared rays and the camera NirinGaAs possible to arrange a foreign body (stones,plastic, glass, etc.) or the virus-infected seeds (Fusarium, Sclerotinia, etc.)

Sort by size

Used for processing materials of the same type but different sizes, such as shredded rice sticks in coffee beans, etc.

Additionally (optional)

  • dual camera with high resolution, monochrome, allows you to sort different colors at the same time using Dark and Light;
  • certification in accordance with ATEX standards;
  • inline design completely in stainless steel INOX.

Universal separators

Designed for pre, primary and secondary treatment heap of grain and cereal seeds, grass seeds from light, large and small trash. Separator price depends on the chosen model.

The seed separators are used for:

  1. seeds cleaning and calibration of seeds of grain, leguminous, technical, vegetable and medicinal crops with any moisture content;
  2. the selection of grain mixture in light and heavy impurities different from the basic grains, including non-separated (wild oat, Tatar buckwheat, etc.);
  3. separation on a germination and energy of germination of seeds with high sowing qualities;
  4. sort of wheat, by gluten content;
  5. separation of mixtures of grains;
  6. cleaning and calibration Krupp and their products.

Samoperedelny separators

Samoperedelny piles cleaners are designed for preliminary and primary treatment coming from fields of grain, cereals, legumes, maize, sorghum, sunflower from impurities in the open currents in all agricultural zones of the country. Machines also produce pre-treatment of sugar beet seeds and castor bean heap on special fixtures.

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