Grain storage

Grain storage


To build their own silos for farms in recent years is more profitable than to pay the rent of the Elevator. It is believed that donating grain for storage (storage silos), agriculture risk losing more than half of the harvest.

Moreover, on the acceptance of the grain may be underestimated and take an additional fee for the revision. The granary on the farm reduces the cost of storing grain in a few times.

Therefore, Agromachholding offers construction of silos for various applications and performance. 

Silo elevators have a number of advantages. First, they are easier to automate. Accordingly, during shipment, the grain is not damaged. Storage floor type in this respect greatly inferior. Secondly, in silo elevators are easier to control the humidity of grain, temperature, dirtiness – in such vaults installed a large number of sensors. Third, the silos are better ventilated, which also has a positive effect on the quality of the grain. In case of detection of source of heating of the grain can be dried and moved to another silo. A full Elevator is completed with the acceptance unit, a purification unit of grain, equipment for drying, laboratory electronic balances. Also necessary separators, conveyors, equipment for loading. The silos are supplied with a large number of sensors to determine the source of heating of the grain and avoid its damage, and detonating. The company Agromachholding You can buy a silo. Silage price depends on the chosen model.

Frameless hangars / warehouses

The company "Agromachholding" offers You a wide range of services in design, manufacture and subsequent installation of frameless hangars (arched structures), warehouses.

Our company qualitatively and in the shortest terms will carry out the construction of frameless hangar or warehouse without restricting applications.

The use of light metal in the construction of hangars has several advantages:

  • Low cost is 2-3 times lower compared to similar buildings of reinforced concrete or brick;
  • Significant time savings – installation time of metal buildings and structures from 15 days to 2 months depending on the complexity of the design;
  • Simplified procedure of obtaining permits for the construction of such hangars;
  • Metal sheds do not require massive foundations;
  • A wide range of engineering and design solutions.

Our company in addition to manufacturing lightweight metal structures provides the following services:

  • The design and construction of hangars, warehouses, industrial buildings;
  • Installation of metal structures on the territory of the customer;
  • Delivery of metal structures on the territory of the customer;
  • Consultations of skilled specialists.

Construction of hangars:

The material is rolled galvanized steel thickness 1,0-1,5 mm. of the Building can be both cold and warmed version. As insulation used polystyrene or mineral wool basalt basis and possibly spraying foam from the inside of the arch. The minimum thickness of insulation is 100 mm. the Manufacture of structures produced at the construction site using an automated building machine MIC-240. In the Foundation period of construction insulated hangar 1000 square meters is 10-15 days. Construction machine manufactures metal profile, which is then bent in an arch of the required radius. Received arch is rolled between a seaming machine. Arch is mounted on a prepared base using a truck crane. Span buildings from 9 to 36 m, depending on climatic conditions. Length of buildings is not limited. These structures are used for the construction of grain storage, potato storage, warehouses, swimming pools and sports halls, refrigerators, etc.

The advantage of this technology is:

  • Arch is a carrier, inside the building there is no frame;
  • Structural elements are connected by a sealed seam;
  • The minimum metal thickness of 1 mm;
  • Minimum construction time;
  • There are no strict requirements to the Foundation;
  • For the installation of lighting, fire alarm installation provided mortgages;
  • Not required interior finishes, the building is immediately ready for use;
  • Requires a small amount of energy due to the tightness of joints;
  • During construction not applicable flammable materials;
  • Polymer coating allows to increase service life and gives aesthetic look to the building.

Framed hangars / warehouses

Quickly and cheaply installed frame hangar. Therefore, these prefabricated structures are very popular. The scope of these designs may be, it is important only to determine the initial conditions in the design. Frame hangars are going for 1.5-2 months, and it's a very short construction time. The cost of a frame of the hangar is lower than in the construction of a permanent structure. The construction of the hangar, using modern technologies, is possible at any time of the year, including winter, in any suitable location. Skeleton sheds have a fairly high strength and reliability. When additional processing, for example, the use of galvanized pipes, increases resistance to corrosion. Properly chosen design of the frame of the hangar gives additional strength to mechanical damage, etc. the Life of metal sheds often exceed 25-30 years.

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