Agromachholding offers integrated solutions for processing oilseeds: sunflower, flax, soybean, canola with application of technology of cold and hot pressing.

Cold pressing method, unlike the hot occurs without preheating of oilseeds.

Characteristic features of the cold pressing method:

  1. obtained by this technology, the oil preserves all useful biologically active substances and vitamins;
  2. higher quality meal;
  3. the simplicity of the technological equipment;
  4. low power consumption technology;
  5. small footprint;
  6. low phosphorus content in the oil.

Pressing hot

Technological scheme of the hot pressing method

Characteristic features of the hot pressing method:

  1. A high yield of oil compared to cold pressed;
  2. Oxidative stability of the oil more;
  3. High phosphorus content in the oil;
  4. More sophisticated technological equipment;
  5. Energy-demanding technology.

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