The Elevator is designed for storing large quantities of grain and bringing it to the standard state.

The elevators are a set of equipment for grain storage (tanks, hoppers) and transport equipment (elevators, conveyors), through which the grain moves along the fixed routes. Modern metal silos are fitted with equipment for the care of the grain, such as temperature control systems, aeration systems, detection systems of insects. The structure of the Elevator includes laboratory and weighing equipment to control the quantity and quality of incoming grain. Storage capacity You can also improve the quality of the grain, drying it and removing small and large impurities.

Often households are forced to use private elevators, and the cost is quite expensive. For example, the cost of a private Elevator - 60 rubles per ton per month. Plus loading, shipping, drying and cleaning of grain-consuming 300-400 rubles per ton at a time. Usually the difference between cost and market price is 2000-2500 rubles. Given the market price of grain, it turns out that for three months of storage at the Elevator 25% loss of income. Therefore, it is advantageous to buy the Elevator.


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