Reconstruction of the HEAD and of complexes of GLC

Реконструкция ЗАВ и комплексов КЗС

Modernization of the HEAD and CPF complexes allows to apply new technologies to solve ever-increasing requirements of the modern grain equipment. Modern technical solutions, increased productivity, ease of use and security are the main tasks of reconstruction.

AgroTechHolding performs works on reconstruction and modernization of old or low performance HEAD and CPF complexes, reconstruction of the dryer. These works will be executed taking into account wishes of the Customer and in accordance with the requirements of normative documents.

One of the guarantors of the quality of work performed is the willingness of future maintenance.

The main advantages of reconstruction of the HEAD units and complexes GLC:

  • Increased productivity up to 100 t/h units by installing high-efficiency equipment.
  • Optimal location in the existing design of Assembly equipment for the purpose of convenience in its maintenance and operation.
  • Increase the purification efficiency after reconstruction.
  • The ability to install equipment for processing of seed grain.
  • The ability to link the dryer to the existing complex HEAD.
  • The ability to offload heavy-duty vehicles, including lifting the HEAD.
  • Outdoor dammed pit (hopper).
  • Immediate treatment and cleaning to the basic quality standards of the heap of freshly harvested grain of any crop.
  • The exception of the additional costs for temporary storage of grain on site.
  • Reducing energy consumption in the process of grain handling.
  • Skilled and quick installation, start-up and commissioning of the units.
  • Information support and personnel training.
  • Repair and supply of spare parts in the first place.
  • The increase in the volume of bunkers for temporary storage of grain on the unit.
  • Warranty and service

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