The project is the cornerstone of any object!

In the construction of medium and large objects, agricultural plays a key role proper and quality design.

AgroTechHolding performs comprehensive design objects of agriculture in various industries:

  • HEAD, GLC, Elevator complexes;
  • storage, warehouses, granaries;
  • feed mills and oil mills;
  • cattle-breeding complexes.


In the design of facilities takes into account the specifics of each individual object: geological conditions of construction, dimensions, requirements for the organization of the technological process, specialization. Our specialists will perform and implement not only projects of new agricultural facilities, but also projects of reconstruction.

You get the entire complex of design works: from the first consultation, equipment selection and concept development to implementation of working documentation in full or required amount. Experienced designers will develop for you solutions in modern systems of 3D design objects. 



The volume of design documentation complies in full with the RF government decree 87 dated 25.06.2012 G. and consists of the following sections:

Section 1. Explanatory note

Section 2. The scheme of planning organization of land

Section 3. Architectural solutions

Section 4. Constructive and space-planning solutions

Section 5. Information about the engineering equipment, on networks engineering-technical maintenance, the list engineering-technical actions, contents of technological solutions 

5.1 Power supply system 

5.2 Water system 

5.3 The drainage system 

5.4 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, thermal networks

5.5 Network connection

5.6 The gas supply system

5.7 Technological solutions

5.8Automation of technological processes

Section 6. The project construction management

Section 7. The draft organization of works on demolition or dismantle of objects of capital construction"

Section 8. The list of activities on the environment

Section 9. Measures to ensure fire safety

Section 10. "Measures to ensure access for persons with disabilities" 

Section 10.1 Requirements for ensuring safe operation of object of capital construction

Section 11. The estimate for construction of objects of capital construction

Section 11.1 Activities to ensure compliance with the requirements of the energy the efficiency and requirements of equipment of buildings, structures and facilities with metering devices used energy resources

Section 12.1 The list of actions for civil defence

Section 12.2 Measures to combat acts of terrorism

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